The Personal History of N&Z Terrain Park Guide

The Personal History of N&Z Terrain Park GuideN&Z is Nifty and Zippy, and it’s based on an old saying my friends and I started. It was one of those fun, nonsensical things that we started one year and it kind of morphed over time and took on a life of its own. I don’t remember exactly how it began, but I remember it started at the terrain park in Brighton, Utah. Anytime someone did something new or cool, we’d say that was “nifty.” Anytime someone was flying down a slope or took a hard turn, we’d say that was “zippy.” Then, it sort of became a general call-and-response. One of us would yell, “Nifty!” Someone else would call back, “Zippy!”

For a number of years now, families and geographic distance have made it difficult to hang out like we used to. But we still keep in touch, and so we thought we’d form a little team to support a resource website for terrain parks around the country. Because we’ve always all of us loved the terrain park experience. The terrain park always felt open and fun and easy to get to, while also providing endless hours of dares, challenges…and a little too much at some points along the journey.

The Nifty and Zippy Spirit
I also don’t mind telling you that some of our snowboarding friends also coopted the saying for a while. As in shredders were nifty and zippy, and skiers weren’t. On the one hand, I remember thinking even back then that this was divisive. On the other hand, it also really seemed like the skiers started it. I’m first and foremost a skier and I get the idea and general appeal of skier-only slopes, but it always seemed like the skiers would too often take things too far. Part of it is the idea that an entire resort would ban snowboarders, but then also there were the pretentious jerks who would get all superior about it. And that was too much for me and most of our core circle of friends. But I digress.

The terrain park was always welcoming. Snowboarders. Skiers. Snow bikes, too, have become an increasingly common sight at our local terrain park and others around the country we’ve heard about. The more the merrier, we say. Well, so long as you’re not an a-hole, jerk-face, or douche bag. All others, welcome to our Nifty and Zippy Terrain Park Guide.