This Skate Park Helped Point the Way to Cooler Terrain Parks

NZ Terrain Park Guide is primarily about terrain parks for winter sports, but we also recognize that terrain parks themselves came directly out of the skater and skate park tradition. Moreover, rather than compete for the limelight, we’ve noticed that skate parks and terrain parks tend to rise and fall together in popularity. And the good news is that, although we haven’t seen the same trendy news headlines over the last couple years, both skate parks and terrain parks are still very much in their heyday and may yet still have further to rise.

In this light, we want to ask: Have you seen the Daybreak Sculpture Garden and Skate Park in South Jordan, Utah? Spohn Ranch Skate Parks and local landscape architects established a combination sculpture garden and skate park. And it works. Which is to say, the skate park is composed of art sculptures that speak to the local traditions of the community, but as a playground for skateboarders, it’s also nothing to scoff at. Even as it’s intimately connected with the neighborhood’s walking paths and green space, there are plenty of tricks and skills you can work on here.

Built in 2008, the ten-year anniversary of the Daybreak Sculpture Garden and skate park is right around the corner. This last decade has seen a tremendous amount of growth in terrain parks with ski resorts putting more of their resources into new and improved areas. Likewise, it’s not just an afterthought or some thing resorts have to check off the list if they want to be known as a first-rate ski resort area. Now, there is more thought put into their design—functionally and aesthetically. It doesn’t hurt, either, that designers and engineers know the resources are going to be there to take terrain park design to the next level.