Trick Review and How-To: Ollie

Skiers and snowboarders spend years perfecting their tricks in the terrain park. Most, however, start with the most basic jump known: The Ollie. Arguably the most widely used snowboard trick, this is an essential building block for other, more complicated tricks. Rather than jumping off the ground with two feet, you use the flex of your board to pop into the air. You can use it nearly anywhere—coming off jumps, while free-riding, hitting side walls, and cruising. The best part? It’s pretty dang easy. See below for our quick Ollie tutorial.

  1. Start on a flat area with a bit of weight in your front foot.
  2. Slide your board forward until all the weight is on the tail. The nose of your board should lift off the snow. This is called a tail press position.
  3. Then, snap off the tail and bring your feet up evenly. This will result in a jump.
  4. When landing, absorb the pressure and maintain balance by bending your knees.

Practice this a few times while on a flat surface, then begin to incorporate it on shallow, low-gradient runs. Try Ollie-ing over small items, such as sticks, gloves, snowballs, and—when you get more advanced—a person or a fence. Once you get more confidence, you can begin to increase your jump height by adding an ollie when you crest the knuckle or lip of a terrain park feature.