Our Terrain Park Pet Peeves

As we’ve already established, terrain parks hold a special place in our hearts. We’re not alone in this—skiers and boarders all over the world love hustling down the mountain just to catch some air on a tabletop jump. However, a lot of riders don’t understand terrain park etiquette. This is a huge bummer. Not only does this ruin the fun for everybody else, but improperly navigating a terrain park can be dangerous. Everybody has pet peeves, but these have some real safety implications.

If you have any pet peeves we haven’t listed, go ahead and send them our way! This is, first and foremost, a list of our least favorite things people do in terrain parks. However, if we gather enough info, we might be able to turn this into a safety guide of sorts.


  • Cutting a jump landing—Jumps can be massive, and if you’re a rider or skier, you can’t see to the other side once you pass the knuckle. Terrain park etiquette dictates that you don’t cut the jump’s landing. This will allow everyone some peace of mind—knowing they’re not going to land on or crash into someone as they come over the edge. As a rule of thumb, never cross in front of a jump’s downslope.
  • Disregarding the sign—Nearly all terrain parks are marked by a “Freestyle Area Ahead” sign. This notice will often include available hours, a code of conduct, and a safety warning. Don’t assume that all parks are the same, and don’t head down if you don’t plan to utilize the freestyle features. Review the sign before deciding to head down, especially if you don’t have much freestyle experience.
  • Not making an attempt—Not everybody likes terrain parks. We get it, and we’re not mad. We do, however, get angry when skiers and boarders use the terrain park as a cruising zone. These slopes are often at a softer gradient (to allow for jumps, rails, boxes, &c)–this makes them great for beginners and people who want to avoid more crowded trails, right? WRONG. If you decide to enter the park, you should at least try something. If you use it as a space to fly down the mountain, you could cause an accident.