Everything You Need to Know About the Cardrona Terrain Park

Skiing might not be the first activity you think of when you think of things to do in New Zealand, but Cardrona Park may change your perspective. Their variety of terrain parks, pipes, and other facilities welcome skiers of any experience level to enjoy the sport of skiing. With some of the best ski facilities in the southern hemisphere, Cardrona Park is sure to bring you the skiing spirit. 

When it comes to terrain parks, Cardrona has plenty of terrain park options to offer. Their four terrain parks start with a park perfect for beginners and get increasingly difficult for the more seasoned skier. The clever names of the parks all carry deer-related names, starting with the Lil’ Bucks Park. Lil’ Bucks Park is the ideal place to try out freestyle skiing and get acquainted with some jumps and jibs for the first time. Once you graduate from Lil’ Bucks, the next place to continue progressing with your skills is Antlers Alley. This medium-sized park features three jumps and two-to-four jibs for a smooth freestyle. Next up is Stage Lane. Skiers looking to speed up their run will find Stag Lane the ideal place to execute quick successions of a variety of rails, boxes, and wall rides. Finally, advanced skiers can put their skills to the test at Big Bucks Park. The extra-large park with a variety of jumps and jibs is high quality and highly challenging. Cardrona features videos alongside descriptions of each of the parks to get a sense of the layout which is helpful for choosing the right starting place for your skill level. Beginner and advanced skiers alike can develop their confidence and their skills at any and all of the Cardrona Terrain Parks.

If you’re wanting to check out the park for yourself without moving from your couch and taking a flight to New Zealand, Cardrona has some live webcams of their current park conditions. You can also peruse their YouTube page for tips and tricks and cool videos of what it’s like to ski throughout the park. Plus, if you want to be further immersed into the ski culture of Cardrona you can visit their Content Hub page. Featuring articles, event schedules, and more pictures and videos, Cardrona provides a one-stop hub to learn more about their ski culture. 

If you haven’t already changed your mind about skiing in New Zealand, hopefully all that Cardrona Park has to offer has convinced you otherwise! 

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